Our current production time is 4 - 5 work days, excludes weekends.

This replaces any other production times listed on our site



These are our most frequent asked questions.

1. Do you make custom crowns?

Yes, we can have our manufacturers make custom crowns.  There are a few restrictions so please read before contacting us:

  •  We will not knowingly copy another companies design. 
  •  There is a minimum quantity for custom crowns.  Quantity is dependent on the design of the crown.  Minimum is usually 24 pieces per size and per design.
  • You can submit a drawing or photo of the design.
  • By submitting the design, you will attest to the fact that you own the design and will take full responsibilty for replicating the design.  This can include copyright infringement laws and possible lawsuits if the design has a patent or copyright.
  • Once we receive the design and copyright release, we will submit the design to our manufacturers for a quote.  This can take 3-4 days due to time zone differences.  All of our crowns are made overseas.
  • Once we receive the quote we will e-mail it to you for approval.  Once approved, a 50% deposit is required to begin production.
  • Once we receive the crowns, we will contact you and the balance of the order will be due.  Once paid, we will ship the order.

2. How will I know if you receive my order?

  •    You will receive an e-mail confirmation after placing your order.  This will go to the e-mail address on the order form so please make sure the address is correct.

3.  Can I add to a previous placed order?

  • If the order has not shipped, you can place another order through the website and we will ship it with the first order. 

4.  Do I have to create an account in order to place my order?

  • No, you can submit your order as a guest.  However, if you create an account you will have access to your order history, tracking numbers and order status updates.  Creating an account is easy and free.

5.  My password won't work, can you help?

  • We switched website servers at the beginning of 2015.  While previous account information was carried over, passwords were not.  If you get a message stating your password is incorrect, call or e-mail us and we will reset your password through the admin site. 

6.  How will I know when my order ships?

  • You will receive an e-mail to the address on the order form when your order ships.  This will include any tracking numbers if applicable.

7.  I received an e-mail that says my order is awaiting shipment.  What does this mean?

  • Once your order is packed it moves to the shipping department and the status is changed to "Awaiting Shipment".  This means that the order is ready to ship and just needs the shipping label created.  We create the shipping labels in batches and your status will be updated again once the label is created.

8.  I did not receive a tracking number.  Why? 

  • First, check to make sure you are receiving e-mails from us.  Check your spam folders.  If you received the e-mails and there is no tracking number with it, that means that you selected a shipping method that does not include tracking information.  Priority mail, free shipping, express mail, UPS 2 and 3 day all receive tracking information and that is included in the shipping confirmation e-mail.

9.  Do you accept return merchandise?

  • We only accept returned crowns.  Please see our "New Return Policy" page for details.  Since 90% of our merchandise is customized, we can not accept returns on trophies, sashes, medals, plaques and other custom products.

10.  Why is the production time so long?

  • Most production times stated on the website are longer than actual production times.  All merchandise, except for crowns, are assembled in our shop and this does take some time.  We strive to have all orders fulfilled and shipped as soon as possible.

11.  I need my order in a hurry.  Is this possible?

  • Yes, we do offer rush service.  There is a nominal fee and you can select the service on our "Rush Service" page.  This service covers the processing and fulfillment of the order.  We will prioritze your order ahead of other orders and ship it asap.  This does not include rush shipping times.  You will need to select the appropriate shipping time during checkout.

12.  Do you offer any discounts?  Bulk discounts?  Charity or non-profit discounts?

  • We strive to keep our prices low for everyone, everyday.  At this time, we only offer bulk discounts on a few select items.  If offered, you will see "Buy in Bulk" under the quantity button.  We are working on offering bulk discounts on all products, with the exception of crowns and sashes.
  • Since we keep our prices as low as possible, we can not offer any discounts to charities or non-profit organizations.
  • We are planning on re-instituting our monthly coupon by the end of summer 2015, so follow us on Twitter to receive those discount codes.

13.  Shipping fees seem kind of high.  Why is this?

  • Our website utilizes "Live shipping rates" to calculate the shipping fees.  This is based on the desitination, transit time, size and weight of box.  All of our products are fragile and do require packing material to keep it safe.  Therefore the box will be larger than the product. 
  • Live shipping rates are coordinated directly with UPS and USPS for the most up to date fees.  We do not add any handling fees or other amounts to the live rates.

14.  I received my order and one of the items is broken.  What do I do?

  • First thing to do would be to call or e-mail us within 72 hours.  We have a limited time to file a claim with the carrier and let them know about the problem.  While we might not get reimbursed for the item, letting the carrier know that the box was mishandled can help improve their service.
  • Next, we need photos of the broken item and the shipping box e-mailed to us.  Once we receive the photos, we will let you know if the items must be returned to us or not.  A replacement item or part will be shipped once we receive the photos.

15.  I did not open my order for a week after I received it and there is something missing.  Do I have to order     another one?

  • Yes, since it is past the 72 hours, we are not responsible for any damages or issues with the order.  We do put a sticker on the outside of the box and a note inside the box that states our 72 hour policy.  Exceptions may be made, so please contact us asap.

16.  Do I have to place my order through the website?

  • We prefer that all orders are placed through the website for several reasons:
    • Our website tracks and updates our inventory after each order so the quantities on the website are accurate.
    • Most items include customization and with bad cell phone reception and accents through out the country, this can lead to mistakes in translation.
    • Our secure website processes all payments.  We do not see any credit/debit card information.  For security reasons, we will not take payments over the phone or through e-mails.
  • If absolutely necessary, we will take orders by e-mail.  Please do not send payment information.  Once we receive the e-mail we will make an invoice and that will be e-mailed to you for payment.  Depending on the size of the order, there may be a 3% administration fee added to your order.

17.  I had items in may cart last week and now they are not here.  What happened?

  • A couple of things could have happened:
    • If there was a limited quantity on the item, crowns or clearance items for example, and someone else purchased those items, they will be removed from your cart.  The shopping cart does not pull the items from inventory.
    • Most of the time if a shopping cart clears itself it is because you did not sign into your account.  Shopping as a "guest" can cause the items to disappear from your cart, especially if you change computers or use your phone.

18.  Do you have more crowns than shown on your website?

  • No, our website tracks the inventory from the moment we get it to when it goes out the door.  If the website say we have 6 in stock, then we have 6.  The website updates the count after each and every order automatically.  It will not let you order an item that we are out of stock on.
  • Once an item sells out, it will be removed from the website.
  • Once we receive a shipment of items with inventory counts, we take new photos, take measurements and update the counts on the website.


  • Once the order leaves our shop, we have no control over the shipping.  You will need to track your package through the courier's website.  If there are any issues during the shipping, you need to contact the courier.  You will need to provide them with the tracking number.  This is especially critical during inclement weather.  While your area might be snow free, that might not be the cause along the package's route.
  • We suggest, especially during Winter, to place your order with plenty of time to spare.  We process and ship all orders as quickly as possible but as the Winter of 2014-15 showed us, Mother Nature can be cruel.  Major UPS and Post Office hubs were shut down for snow and ice and packages were stuck.  As the shipper, we have no way to increase the shipping time once the package leaves our shop.


 If you have any questions not answered here, please feel free to contact us.